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Our Story

MARITA'S VINEYARD is an extraordinary family owned vineyard, located at the heart of Napa Valley, California. Our wine is comprised of the best grapes grown in the Napa Valley. The delicate structure, bold fruitiness, and spicy elegance of our wine make it the pride of the Montes Family. This family has a long history of tradition, hard work, and love for this land.

Marita's Vineyard began with a dream of a father and his two sons to own a vineyard and produce great wine. In 2001, this dream materialized from the work of Bulmaro and Manuel Jr. Armed with their father’s dedication, work ethics, expertise, and skills, Bulmaro and Manuel Jr. embarked on their wine-making journey.

Today, Marita's Vineyard puts into fruition Manuel Sr.'s dream of creating a phenomenal wine: the product of the highest quality based on hard work, experience, lifelong learning, and passion for perfection. Every single vine is treated like family: grown with love, attention, and positive energy. This care shines through the wine.